Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Review of Chills: A Short Story Collection by Sahar Sabati and my new poetry book, Mind, Media, and Other Things

So, I got a lot to talk about. I have gotten a new poetry book out that I am extremely proud of called "Mind Media and Other Things". Parental guidance is advised for this poetry  book, but it does open up a lot of taboo subjects and gets a conversation going about them. This is what my ultimate goal is. Check it out!

As of late, I have also reviewed the book "Chills: A Short Story Collection", by: Sahar Sabati. The short stories were well-written and sent the chills that I expected right down my spine. I didn't know if the stories were going to really scare me at first, but as I read more, I realized that they were certainly going to. It takes talent to write a good short story that is really scary, but Sahar Sabati accomplished just that. Props to her! :)

I will have new chapters of Cassie on here really soon, so hang tight. Don't be afraid to subscribe either! :)

Write on!!

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